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The Crucifixion (2017)

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The Crucifixion

Sieranevada (2016)

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Centers around a family gathering on the anniversary of a patriarch's recent death.

Illegitimate (2016)

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Two siblings and an illegitimate love. A father who's a doctor and several accusations. A family in which no one ever drew a line between what's moral and what's legal. Not even when it comes to abortion.

Contract to Kill (2016)

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Watch Contract to Kill Online

They're Watching (2016)

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The renovation of an old house in a village somewhere in Eastern Europe will bring the crew of an American home improvement television show up against superstitions, misunderstandings, and bloody violence.

High Strung (2016)

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When a hip hop violinist busking in the New York subway encounters a classical dancer on scholarship at the Manhattan Conservatory of the Arts...

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne (2016)

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Obsessed with making a movie with Hollywood actress A young man in Romania goes to shocking extremes to convince Hollywood actress ..

Graduation (2016)

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A film about compromises and the implications of the parent's role.

Banat (Il Viaggio) (2016)

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Two Italians looking for work and happiness abroad.Banat.Banat Il Viaggio)

The Second Coming of Christ (2017)

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The journey of a woman scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring Miracles.

By the Rails (2016)

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Radu has come back from Italy after an year and finds his wife totally changed. They spend the night trying to rediscover their selves...Dincolo de calea ferata

Hotel of the Damned (2016)

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After a car accident and stranded in the middle of nowhere, an ex-con and his daughter find themselves in an abandoned hotel, populated by sub-human cannibalistic creatures.

That Trip We Took with Dad (2017)

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The story is set in 1968, when a Romanian-German family from the city of Arad starts a journey to the German Democratic Republic.Die Reise mit Vater

La madre (2016)

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Miguel is a 14-year-old kid about to go back to a centre for minors. His mother, out of work and with an unstable personal life...

The Visitor (2016)

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Luca and Otilia,two young people just beginning their lives, move in the big city, helped by their childhood friend...

The Man Who Was Thursday (2016)

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THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY is inspired by the existentialist novel of the same name by G.K. Chesterton (1908)...

The History of Love (2017)

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The story of a long-lost book that mysteriously reappears and connects an old man searching for his son with a girl seeking a cure for her mother's loneliness.

Dogs (2016)

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Roman returns to the land he has just inherited from his grandfather. Fully decided to sell this vast but desolate property...

Two Lottery Tickets (2016)

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Three men from a provincial town are in urgent need of money and decide to buy a lottery ticket. They win the lottery, but soon after their ticket gets stolen..Douã lozuri.Doua lozuri

Ana, mon amour (2017)

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Ana, mon amour