"Short" Movies

Valencia Road (2017)

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While driving to the reading of her father's will, Catherine is faced with an anomaly on the side of the road.

Brian and Charles (2017)

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Brian and Charles.Brian & Charles

Zombie Doctor (2016)

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the doctor turns into a zombie, he is tortures and kills the patient and enjoys eating the patient gut (5 mins)

Oppressed Free (2017)

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Oppressed Free

The Robbery (2017)

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Crystal robs a liquor store-it goes pretty OK.

The Hunchback (2016)

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A delirious sci-fi riff on the Arabian Nights' 'Tale of the Hunchback', that submerges us in a technological dystopia reigned by Dalaya.com, a mega-corporation that forces its employees to 'relax' at company-run medieval reenactments.

Hot Seat (2017)

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Teen Andrea uses a male stripper to gain the respect and admiration of cool girl Daphne. Hot Seat, which is based on a true story, explores coming-of-age sexuality and the complexities of relationships between teen girls.

Lost in the Shadows (2016)

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A young ballerina arrives in the town of Teramere, unaware that the monstrous Spirit of the Shadows is looking for someone just like her to house the spirit of his lost love.

Snacks for the Ride (2017)

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What can go wrong when a desperate man's brother decides to rob a convenience store that's going out of business? Turns out a lot.

The Shepherd (2016)

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The Shepherd

Untamed (2016)

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Sally, a introverted 15-year old girl, tries to tame her wolf father.

The Last Dream (2017)

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The Last Dream

Less Than Human (2017)

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A freelance reporter ventures into a post-zombie resettlement camp and interviews two ex-zombies trying to find out whether ex-zombies are ready for reinsertion into normal society.

Grandma's Hero (2016)

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A freshly graduated knight sets out on an epic journey to prove himself a hero. Unfortunately, his over-caring Grandma decides to join the adventure.Grandmas Hero

Top Son (2016)

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Mike Giavotella is a 30 year old Tom Cruise impersonator who still lives at home in his parents basement. He seizes an opportunity to realize his dream when he enters into a local talent competition.

Atoms of Uncontrollable Silence (2016)

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Unknown. Unexplainable. The phenomenon of silence. Two scientists of different studies bare witness to an interconnection of separate events that extend beyond their realm of understanding.

Where the Shadows Fall (2016)

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The Man wanders a barren purgatory, seeking those he lost.

Crying Wolf (2016)

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Crying Wolf is an action, horror film.

Bike Chick (2016)

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A gang confronts a young vagrant late at night only to be ambushed by a mysterious vigilante.

The White Lady (2016)

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A young couple spending a romantic evening camping beneath the stars, have just become engaged. Following their retreat to the tent they are taunted by a mysterious presence.

Inner Workings (2016)

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The mind and heart of an average office worker clash over what he wants and what he needs.

Red Ash: Magicicada (2017)

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Red Ash: Magicicada: Based on a computer game. Directed by Yuta Sano.Red Ash Magicicada

Max Payne: Retribution (2016)

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Blocking out the shadows of his past Max Payne is unexpectedly confronted by former friend and love interest Mona Sax, who reveals vital information that can bring down drug lord Jack Lupino.Max Payne Retribution

Mata Atlantica (2016)

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A young girl disappears in a forest in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil.